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A natural deodorant that works. Finally.

The struggle to find a safe, effective, natural deodorant is real. JUSU deodorants use a blend of antibacterials, including coconut oil, hops and acidophilus probiotic, plus magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to alkalize acidic bacteria. Tapioca starch helps minimize and absorb wetness without preventing healthy, normal sweating. It’s worry-free odour protection.


  • Acidophilus probiotic neutralizes bad bacteria.

  • Tapioca starch helps minimize and absorb moisture.

  • Light and easily absorbed, coconut oil is a natural antibacterial


Made with a virgin coconut oil base, this plant-based deodorant can be softer in hot summer weather since the natural oils and butters we use are affected by temperature. 

For a firmer consistency before applying, place this deodorant in the fridge when temperatures range about 20 degrees Celsius. Ensuring you cover entire underarm area, twist the base to ease product to lid height and swipe 1-3 times. Apply liberally - it’s good for you.